Noel Matthews


So what's the catch Noel?

OK I confess there IS a catch. The catch is that you need to do something for me and for youself in order to qualify for the free taster session

For me I'm going to ask that you permit me to record the session and potentially submit it as evidence to the International Coaching Council as part of a course of study I am engaged in. If I was to use the material it would be reviewed once and then destroyed, however I will ask at the outset if you consent to that.

Whether or not you agree to do that you still have to do one thing for yourself. You must go to my Positive YOU Shop and buy any item from the store.

Folks, I have a hobby which I use to relax and that is graphic design. I have put my designs on a range of positivity and just-for-fun items in my Etsy store and in order to qualify for a free session you need to do the following:

1.Go to

2. Buy anything

3. Book a FREE session

4. Enter your order number in the comments when you book

5. Await confirmation

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