Noel Matthews



I am in my fifties, although father to a beautiful 3 year old daughter. I have two adult sons, who I raised by myself. Parenting has been the most challenging and yet the most rewarding learning experience of my life.

My career has been varied. I am a trained nurse, an accredited project manager and I have a Master's degree.

I have had a wide and varied career including healthcare, IT consultancy and e-commerce, retailing, business turnaround, interim management, political organising in elected office and business & entrepeneurship coaching to name but a few

My clients are usually over 50 but actually fall into a category of people who have reached a point in their lives where they feel there a fewer years ahead of them than there are behind them. The result being that confidence, happiness, ambition feel lost to them.

My contention is that we are all capable of restoring, of defeating the fear, uncertainty and doubt, of getting back down that hill they say we are now over and kicking some ass.


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